reduce your carbon tyre print

You will learn at your pace. Your instructor will take you through the DSA syllabus and drivers records will be kept. You will also need to do some homework to learn your highway code and it's a good idea to find someone (see getting started) apart from your instructor to help you practice in a car between lessons.


As you get more competent we introduce the ipod touch with Drivegain App, which helps you with your eco driving, planning ahead and anticipation. This helps you be a better, safer driver and reduces your CO2 emmissions and driving costs.

With Reallygreendriving you learn in a Volkswagen Polo Blue Motion. You can also take your driving test in this car as long as you book the car  in advance.

You can book individual lessons, buy a block of lessons or book an intensive driving course. The lessons are all progressed at your own learning pace and we will only apply for your driving test when you are ready.

When you have built enough confidence and your driving has reached a certain standard you can apply for your driving test. The driving test is in 2 parts.

Part one is a theory test that consists of multiple choice questions and also a computer based hazard perception test.

Part 2 is a practical driving test. You don't need to pass your theory test in order to start practical lessons, but you do need to pass your theory test before you can take your practical test.

Its always a good idea to book a lesson directly prior to your test. That way you can have a fresh practice and be ready to go. At the end of your driving test you will be told whether you have passed or not.

If you have passed then why not book your Pass Plus set of lessons.

Your Driving lessons

Because this is all about YOU learning to drive, Reallygreendriving will try their very best to fit in with your timings and schedule, as we want to make this an experience you will enjoy and look forward to. Reallygreendriving is committed to making sure you are confident in your driving ability and can feel good about asking questions and learning from your actions. We aim to teach you to drive properly, not just pass your test and not just ecologically.


If you are not yet 17yrs old, and you still want to learn to drive, then why not book one lesson or a course of lessons for 16 yr olds?

You'll learn in the same car, but off road in a private car park. Safe, legal, fully insured.

You'll need to book and pay in advance, £35 per hour. Courses run on the last Saturday of every month.