reduce your carbon tyre print

All our learners will learn in a sexy little Volkswagen Polo Blue Motion, one of the most energy efficient and eco freindly cars available on the market today. A sporty little number that combines unpredecented levels of economy with cutting edge technology.

With fuel consumption at a staggering 74mpg (in tests) and fuel emissons under 100, it's a hard car to beat.

So if you want to become independent, have fun, save money and you care about our planet, book your driving lesson today with reaLLygreendriving.

It has a highly efficient 1.4 litre TDI 80 ps engine with a diesel particulate filter which reduces emissions compared to a standard vehicle.

The future is in your hands............

The car you learn in

You will learn in a stylish eco-friendly Volkswagen Polo Blue Motion. This is one of the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly cars on the market at the moment. With fuel consumption at a staggeringly good 74 mpg (in tests) and emissions as low as 99, it's a hard car to beat.

This car is also easy to drive and is a great car to learn in. But not only will you learn to drive, but we will teach you about eco driving techniques which can make your driving safer as well as save you some money along the way and meet the requirements of the DSA. It also has less impact on our planet so hopefully your children will get to learn in eco friendly cars as well.

The Polo Blue Motion also has a spoiler kit developed exclusively for the Polo, which gives a great streamlined effect. The dynamic lines of the car reduce the vehicles air resistance and the lack of weight in the car reduces fuel consumption. The technology is also advanced. The 1.4 litre deisel engine uses gas recirculation and turbocharger with variable turbine geometry and a catalytic coated Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF).