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Preparing for your driving test

You need to study your Highway code book, Know your traffic signs and the relevant book from the DSA driving skills series. You can get these books from most high street store book shops or rent them from Reallygreendriving for the course of your lessons and until you have passed your test (practical driving test).



Within this rental package you also get the hazard perception DVD which helps you practice your hazard perception for the second part of the theory test.  You should also visit the DSA website to use their online services and test your knowledge gained.


Although you can start your driving lessons before you have passed your theory test, you cannot take your practical test until you have passed your theory test. It is important that you read and learn from the material on offer, it may be the difference between a pass and a fail. Once you have passed your theory test you can learn how to put your knowledge into practice through your practical driving lessons.

When you have passed your theory test and have taken a course of practical driving lessons you will be ready to take your practical driving test. With Reallygreendriving you can take your test in the car you learnt in, as long as you book the car in advance.


Your test will start with an eyesight check and some vehicle safety questions, called show me/tell me. At Reallygreendriving your training would have covered these questions and you will be instantly ready to answer them!


Your test will take about 30 minutes and you will be taken through some set manoeuvres which you will be competent at as you would have learnt these in your lessons. Your examiner will also be looking for an overall standard of safe driving, and don't forget to drive green! You are allowed to make up to 15 minor driving faults (16 or over means failure) and if you commit a serious or dangerous fault you will also fail.


 You will have to do 1 reversing exercise and some independant driving. Your instructor will give you directions and take you around a test route that will cover a variety of traffic situations and conditions. Just drive the way you have been taught and don't worry if you make a mistake it may just mean one minor fault and not failure!



When you pass your practical driving test,you will get a pass certificate and your examiner will ask you if you wish to apply for a full licence straight away.


If you say yes to this you should get your full licence within 4 weeks.


Shop at for your essential driving books and DVD's to help you through your test.