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Pass Plus

Once you have passed your driving test, it's always a good idea to get some further experience.


The Driving Standards Agency Pass Plus scheme has been created for new drivers that want to widen their driving experience and improve any basic skills which need a bit more work. You can't drive on a motorway until you have passed your test. The Pass Plus scheme contains a section on motorway driving.


But it also covers:


It includes helping you with your hazard perception and honing your driving techniques.


By taking the Pass Plus scheme some insurance companies also offer discounts on their insurance premiums.

See the how much it costs for a Pass Plus course, which is six lessons.


As safety is our number one priority, it's a good idea to get some extra training in after you have passed your test. Pass Plus helps you  learn how to drive SAFELY in all weather conditions, in darkness and builds your experience on motorways. This helps towards reducing the risk of you having an accident, and can lower your insurance premiums with some companies.