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Green driving tips

Whilst saving you money by reducing your fuel consumption and reducing vehicle emissions, being eco safe also contributes to road safety. From September 2008 anyone sitting a driving test will get assessed on their eco safe manner of driving.


This will include control and planning with particular attention to starting and moving away, use of gears and accelerating whilst driving at an appropriate speed for the conditions. As well as hazard awareness, engine braking and planning ahead.

You should follow these tips to drive in an environmentally friendly manner:

Getting a green car these days is a lot easier than ever. You don't have to give way on performance or price. Buying a green car can save you money on road tax, band A for instance is nil road tax. There are lots of car fuel databases around that can help you chose the right car. Go to ACT ON C02 and find out more.


And if you want to support our planet even more look for a car manufacturer that's trying to support our planet as well through a climate change programme (e.g. Volkswagen is in partnership with Combat Climate Change). Car show rooms now have fuel economy labels to help you: Band A (green) to band G (red) with band A being the most fuel efficient. Band A is the car you will learn to drive in at


The driving standards agency supports green driving and you only have to visit their website to find out more.


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